New build terracotta

Architectural Ceramics has gained an increasing profile in recent years due to the material’s limitless capacity for form, texture and colour. Coupled with excellent durability and sustainability the materials qualities give the designers imagination the broadest scope for creating new ideas.

Priory Architectural Terracotta are passionate about exploring the potential of architectural terracotta and we welcome the opportunity to bring individuality to your project. Our experience in design aesthetics and the materials production methods make us perfectly suited to advise on new ideas. Whether it is the replication of an existing detail, the fabrication of a bold tessellating component or creation of imaginative sculptural form Priory Architectural Terracotta can bring your concept to life.

We like to work in a collaborative manner with our clients to ensure their requirements are fully realised. By using our knowledge and expertise, architects and designers can create adventurous building components that will enhance their project and stand the test of time.

From concept to production

  • Fairhouse: To help this residential project satisfy planning requirements the architect proposed tessellating sunscreens to hide the large windows. Using a nearby wall detail as source material the resulting modules were fitted into a stainless-steel frame that allowed building to continue while the blocks were being manufactured.

  • Headland Hotel: Under the careful stewardship of the Armstrong family this iconic hotel is going through a multimillion-pound expansion program. The installation of a basement spa and wellness centre meant the manufacture of over 1500 units some of which went to creating the panoramic entrance and balcony.

  • Alleyn’s School: Established in 1619 this prestigious private school wanted a sign for the new junior school block. In collaboration with the architect we were able to match the new brick colour and manufacture the largest 1-piece terracotta lettering in the UK.