Technical support


Over the years we have seen many damaged and deteriorating buildings and we understand the responsibility that goes into owning and maintaining them. With this in mind we have created a list of common problems.

  • Corrosion of embedded steel work
  • Incorrect bedding mortar and pointing
  • Inappropriate block infill
  • Building subsidence/movement
  • Block delamination
  • Lime pitting
  • Moisture ingress
  • Salt/efflorescence
  • Pollution
  • Plant growth and bird guano
  • Inappropriate cleaning techniques
  • Poor previous repair
  • Accidental impact and vandalism

New Build

When considering architectural terracotta for new build projects it is easy to focus on the materials’ potential for exciting colour and diverse form. It is wise however to also carefully consider the following

  • The use of mortars, fixings and rail substructures
  • Unit weight and thermal expansion
  • Surface character and water shedding
  • Size tolerance and water absorption
  • Manufacturing time scales including design period

Other information

All our terracotta unit adhere to BS EN ISO 10545 and ASTM C67 specifications

Size tolerance +/- 2%

Whether restoration or new build we cannot underestimate the importance of using qualified and experienced contractors.

We are manufacturers and do not install although we can usually suggest competent contractors for most regions.

If a site survey is needed, then it is the contractor’s responsibility to supply safe and secure access to the area in question.

All our manufacturing availabilities are made in good faith at the time of quoting and the company will make all reasonable attempts to meet delivery dates however the company will not be liable for any delay in delivering goods to site.

Please see our terms and conditions below.

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